Every Day Bible

The Art of the Small

Humankind loves huge displays and dramatic moments. We are moved by stories of incredible sacrifice or the image of one man staring down a line of tanks. We like the bold!

Because we’re so moved by the “impressive” – sometimes we don’t recognize the power of the little and the individual. Remember that Jesus stood at the temple and saw the rich people with their 6-figure checks, but it was the poor widow and her pennies that earned his praise. “She gave more than all those rich people,” he said (Luke 21:1-4 ERV).

Don’t discount the power of the little!

No drop of rain believes it is to blame for the flood. But without each drop—there would be no flood!

Many husbands promise that they would die for their wives. In reality, they don’t really want us to die for them. They’d appreciate it if we’d do the dishes, though!

Little things add up.

Little things matter.

Never forget that one person can make a difference.

Never forget that one straw can “break the camel’s back.” One pebble in the shoe can cripple the strongest mountain climber.

Don’t sit on the sidelines because you can’t do much. Remember that little is much when God is in it!