It’s that time again….

Yep…St. Jude’s time. There’s a big group of Freedies, Burnsites, and others that are all going to be in serious pain for a few weeks. If you haven’t seen it, check out the info on St. Jude’s. It’s a pretty neat program. Research hospital + sick kids + no fees = giantfundraiserrunningevent. It’s worth it! So if you’re interested in supporting me, I’d really appreciate it.

You can view everyone on TeamFHU or go directly to my page to support my campaign. My goal is $500. It has a pretty cool progress meter so you can see how our team is doing and how everything is working out.

Thanks! :)

“It is Finished” Sort of.

The FDR paper is done, sort of. It is in dire need of revision, but at the moment, it is finished.

Leslie’s birthday has come and gone. Made food. The fire department only came once. That wasn’t my fault!

Makin’ Music has nearly come and soon will be gone. Hallelujah.

It’s nice to have some completion every now and then! :-)

Crazy Schedule

Someone teach me time management. Please?

It’s crazy. My friends just spent like 25 hours doing practice for Makin’ Music. I have a major paper due on Wednesday, and we’re going to try to paint the baptistery. This weekend, I’m supposed to be in Nashville for a church planning retreat and at Freed to help plan the cast party. On Tuesday, another paper and presentation is due. Door knocking starts on Saturday, incidentally, the same day as the Crieve Hall lecture series. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of that week are the open Bible study nights. Sunday marks the beginning of the gospel meeting. I preach on Wednesday. The next weekend is XBX Banquet and the CH Spring Retreat. Aaaaand the next weekend is XBX Goat Roast and a wedding to film as well as immediately preceding finals week. Then, two weeks at home, 24 days in transit and at New Zealand. Two full days back in the States and then Louisiana. If I take it, my online summer English Lit class begins somewhere around here. One week back at work, then Summer Series and Camp on that Saturday for a week. Then, time to breathe. But until then…

I hate Daylight Savings Time. But at least it is light until late! :-) Have a great day!