Hate When That Happens Technology

Why software development scares me

Developers, like me, are writing software for things that could kill me.

Did you see this news story? An error in programming gave hospital patients overdoses of radiation for 18 months before it was detected. If you read the story, it boils down to the fact that the guy in charge messed with settings he shouldn’t have been allowed to even see. So, maybe we don’t blame the programmers…

Ministry Technology

Works in progress…

Most of you know that I work as an IT consultant in addition to my ministry work. Yes, I know this qualifies me as the dorkiest man in existence…but I’ve come to grips with that fact, and so should you. :)

I’ve added a section at the top of the site "Church Technology." I’m working on putting together some of the more useful tips, tricks, and websites that I’ve come across that have something to do with ministry.

I get asked on a pretty regular basis for software recommendations to keep home PCs safe. I’ve put together a list of a semi-comprehensive package of tools you can use to protect your computer on a subpage of my Church Technology Section. I hope you’ll check it out! :)


G’day, Mate!

Hope everything is going well for yall. Just wanted to keep you updated on a few things.
Tonight: “Overcoming Criticism” for the CH teen class. Tomorrow night: “Obstacles and Hurdles in our Race” at the Lebanon Road camp at Valley View in Gallatin. Friday: intern devo, TBA. Saturday: Romans 12:1-2 in “Purer In Heart, Oh God” for the 6th Avenue Church of Christ Youth Rally in Jasper, Alabama. Sunday morning: “Wake Up” at Crieve Hall, a yet-to-be-determined YAC class topic of my choice, and a PM Invitation asking, “Do You Know My Jesus?”

Also in the near future: school! Yay! And the camp reunion TNT. The video is already lookin’ pretty stinkin’ funny, if I don’t say so myself. Also expect the email devotional list to be restarted in the next week or so. I’m excited!


You need to know about this website, dear reader. allows you to remotely connect to your computer in situations where programs like VNC or XP’s built-in Remote Desktop Connection won’t work. It’s been a life saver out here. Go download it.

Gospel Meeting is this week. Tonight: Ed Owens: Restoring Purpose–God is our King
Tomorrow night: Me. Restoring Life: God is Love

Directions to Roby:
From Freed. Take hiway 100 east towards Nashville. Pass hiway 22a at Jack’s creek. About halfway between 22a and 22 is Roby Roby road on your right. It’s at the top of a hill and there’s a sign that says Roby Fire Department. Take that right and go about 5.5 miles. You’ll pass a fire station on your right. Just past the cemetary on your left is the church building. The trip should take somewhere around 20-25 minutes. Watch for deer!



My name is Matthew, and I’m a Curveball and Gold Miner aholic.


How many ways?

Our dear friends at Google had a little too much time on their hands and too much English major in their systems.

I’m curious how wrongly spelled a word could be spelled and still be considered a search for the same term. Not like I care…

Did you know that USB drives on keychains can be slammed in doors and their covers can come off and you can just plug a memory chip on a USB end directly into a port? Whoever invented Super Glue deserves to go in the same hallowed hall of fame as the benevolent mastermind of Duct Tape.


My New Home

Welcome! Thanks for checking out the new site. I’m still working design and development…but in the meantime, here’s a sneak peek of things to come.

  • New theme on the way
  • Scripturizer Plugin so John 3:16 appears fancy!
  • Post-by-email
  • And maybe even some content worth reading! Nahh…just kidding!

Thanks for stopping by.. leave a message under the comments section, so I can find out if they work!