Hate When That Happens Technology

Why software development scares me

Developers, like me, are writing software for things that could kill me.

Did you see this news story? An error in programming gave hospital patients overdoses of radiation for 18 months before it was detected. If you read the story, it boils down to the fact that the guy in charge messed with settings he shouldn’t have been allowed to even see. So, maybe we don’t blame the programmers…

Every Day Bible

Bible Software for Cross-Research

One of the more interesting facets of Old Testament study to me is to look for a passage’s ties to the New Testament. You can accomplish that goal through a variety of means. You can serach for repeated words and themes, look for direct quotations, or find times when New Testament authors made references back to a story or passage.

Here’s some FREE tools that will help you on your Bible research.

If you find a site that’s particularly good, please comment and let’s get it added to a list of good resources. Thanks!