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What Matters or What We SAY Matters

If you ask people what should be on the news, they’ll give you great answers. They’ll tell you that they want to hear about what’s going on in our country. They want updates on the economy and politics and foreign policy. They want to hear about the latest developments in healthcare and education. By a margin of two-to-one, they’ll say that international news is more pressing than celebrity gossip!

Did you know that the major news outlets all have systems that can track what news stories actually get read? They can tell how long you read them, how often you shared them, facebooked them, or printed them?

So let me tell you what just a few of the top twenty “news” stories were in the past 6 months:

  • How Y’all, Youse, and You Guys Talk
  • 30 Signs You’re Almost Thirty
  • Why Is Netflix Secretly Cropping Movies
  • 22 Things Miley Cyrus Looked Like at the 2013 VMAs

What we said we cared about does not appear to be what we actually cared about. Here’s the quote from the Atlantic: “Ask audiences what they want, and they’ll tell you vegetables. Watch them quietly, and they’ll mostly eat candy.”

Does this surprise you? It probably shouldn’t. It does cause me to think. We say we want the good stuff. We like the idea of hard-hitting biblical lessons at church, but what happens when somebody steps on my toes? We say that we want close, meaningful relationships, but what happens when that requires me to sacrifice?

Let’s tell the truth and admit that we like our “candy” – but let’s do better about the vegetables too!