Every Day Bible

The Double Win

John Dale, who preaches in Murray, Kentucky, describes the difference between winners and losers—and then talks about how we can be “second mile” double winners. He adapted this material from The Double Win by Dr. Denis Waitley and shared it with us at our 1st Monday preachers’ meeting at Granny White.

Losers say, “There is no way I can win.”
Winners say, “I’ll do everything I can to win.”
Double Winners say, “If I help you win, I win too!”

Losers seek attention. Winners seek admiration. Double winners earn respect.

Losers see a problem in every solution.
Winners seek a solution in every problem.
Double winners help others solve their problems.

Losers fix the blame. Winners fix the solution. Double winners fix what caused the problem in the first place!

Losers let life happen to them.
Winners make life happen for them.
Double winners make life a joyous happening for others.

Losers live in the past for the future.
Winners learn from the past, live in the present, and set goals for the future.
Double winners learn from the past and work in the present to accomplish goals that benefit everyone’s future.

Losers make promises they never keep.
Winners make commitments to themselves and keep them.
Double winners make commitments to themselves and others and keep both.

Losers react negatively. Winners respond effectively. Double winners reinforce successfully.

Losers gripe about their failures. Winners cheer their successes. Double winners share the glory and praise the team.