What are the odds?

Our friends seem to have forgotten me! Vote Hiatt for Pope in ’05!


Crazy Schedule

Someone teach me time management. Please?

It’s crazy. My friends just spent like 25 hours doing practice for Makin’ Music. I have a major paper due on Wednesday, and we’re going to try to paint the baptistery. This weekend, I’m supposed to be in Nashville for a church planning retreat and at Freed to help plan the cast party. On Tuesday, another paper and presentation is due. Door knocking starts on Saturday, incidentally, the same day as the Crieve Hall lecture series. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of that week are the open Bible study nights. Sunday marks the beginning of the gospel meeting. I preach on Wednesday. The next weekend is XBX Banquet and the CH Spring Retreat. Aaaaand the next weekend is XBX Goat Roast and a wedding to film as well as immediately preceding finals week. Then, two weeks at home, 24 days in transit and at New Zealand. Two full days back in the States and then Louisiana. If I take it, my online summer English Lit class begins somewhere around here. One week back at work, then Summer Series and Camp on that Saturday for a week. Then, time to breathe. But until then…

I hate Daylight Savings Time. But at least it is light until late! :-) Have a great day!


Party, anyone?

Well with all the joy in the world-Terri Shiavo calling it quits, the Pope knock-knock-knockin on heaven’s door, and the ever-terrible Spring Forward weekend of Daylight Savings Time, it’s time for a partay!

So welcome, Jimmy, Tim, James, and now Leeper! Wooo hooo!


Buffalo Wild Wings

Directions to BWW, anyone?


How many ways?

Our dear friends at Google had a little too much time on their hands and too much English major in their systems.

I’m curious how wrongly spelled a word could be spelled and still be considered a search for the same term. Not like I care…

Did you know that USB drives on keychains can be slammed in doors and their covers can come off and you can just plug a memory chip on a USB end directly into a port? Whoever invented Super Glue deserves to go in the same hallowed hall of fame as the benevolent mastermind of Duct Tape.



I have enough funding pledged to go to New Zealand! Thank you everyone for your generosity and prayers and stuff… The trip is May 30th-June 22nd. I’ll be sure to keep you updated…if and only if you read this wonderful, not-so-interseting site!


Controlled Access Roads

So. Let’s say you’re trying to get from somewhere near Antioch to somewhere near Franklin/the middle of nowhere. Let’s also assume for a moment that you decide to take 24 east to 840. Having made that assumption, let’s continue on to say that you thought that exit 65 was south of 840 on I-65. Let’s just assume, for the sake of your entertainment, that it wasn’t. Then…perhaps we could find out that the next exit is not for 9ish miles. And maybe that exit is also a controlled highway, that does not have an exit for another 3 miles. So I drove approximately 24 miles I didn’t have to. Hypothetically.

It took a very stinking long time to get to Kevin’s house last night! I suppose I could make some cheesy point about appreciating opportunities to change direction in life…but I’ll let you do that. Have a good one.


“From Jesus to Christ”

Newsweek: “From Jesus to Christ”

When I last read this site, a quarter million people had voted. 83% of them believe that Jesus did indeed come out of the grave. (Awkward wording, I know. I just can’t remember if that should have been “did rise” or “did raise” or something else!)

I wondered at first if that number was high or low. Sure it wasn’t a scientific survey…but with the way things look in America, it’s hard to believe that 83% would believe in the idea that Jesus lives.

But maybe it has something to do with the title. “From Jesus to Christ” was discussing [with a rather strong anti-Christian sentiment at times] how people came to believe that this man named Jesus really was the Christ. Without that resurrection, Christianity is meaningless (1 Corinthians 15)

Maybe there’s a lesson in that for those of us who believe. See, most of us believe in Jesus the man, like a historical figure. Sure, we believe in His deity and reality. Do we recognize just how real He was and is, though? That He is Jesus, the Christ? God’s very own annointed king…and all that entails. Maybe that’s the reason for Paul’s emphasis on the reality of Jesus in 1 Corinthians 15 and in 1 John 1:1-3. Maybe He knew we’d begin to forget that this isn’t just a story from the pages of history. His life is the book that binds those pages together–a book that’s plot has been completed. We’re just working on writing in the details.

Hmm. Sounds like something good to think about before bed. Goodnight!


Spring Break, Here am I!

Spring Break Day 1. Happy: 1. Schoolwork: 0. Don’t need no double overtime to settle that one!

I had sort of hoped that this first real post would have some real content. Something substantive, you know? Evidently, I don’t have much of that sitting around waiting to be codified in a blog entry.

Last night, I met the XBX mission team at Crieve. We enjoyed some food and goofing off together, then gathered in the chapel for singing for probably 45 minutes. Those little semi-spontaneous singings are always interesting. There were fewer than 30 people together in a room with the acoustics of a dirty gym sock…but it was better singing than I’ve heard in there in a very long time. Of course….what does “better” mean, anyway? Maybe people decided to sing more because they were friends. Maybe it was because it was the night before really getting into the travel of a campaign. Maybe it was because it was getting late, and they were getting delirious. Maybe….?

Regardless, it was a wonderful evening. Made me wish I were heading towards ol’ VA Tech. It made me thankful for a good group of friends. I wonder if any of you are reading this. I guess the world will never know… I guess that means I can’t talk bad about you here, doesn’t it? There went one good fun topic of conversation…

Welp. All for now. Have a glorious day. And come write a paper about FDR for me.


My New Home

Welcome! Thanks for checking out the new site. I’m still working design and development…but in the meantime, here’s a sneak peek of things to come.

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  • And maybe even some content worth reading! Nahh…just kidding!

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