Spring Break, Here am I!

Spring Break Day 1. Happy: 1. Schoolwork: 0. Don’t need no double overtime to settle that one!

I had sort of hoped that this first real post would have some real content. Something substantive, you know? Evidently, I don’t have much of that sitting around waiting to be codified in a blog entry.

Last night, I met the XBX mission team at Crieve. We enjoyed some food and goofing off together, then gathered in the chapel for singing for probably 45 minutes. Those little semi-spontaneous singings are always interesting. There were fewer than 30 people together in a room with the acoustics of a dirty gym sock…but it was better singing than I’ve heard in there in a very long time. Of course….what does “better” mean, anyway? Maybe people decided to sing more because they were friends. Maybe it was because it was the night before really getting into the travel of a campaign. Maybe it was because it was getting late, and they were getting delirious. Maybe….?

Regardless, it was a wonderful evening. Made me wish I were heading towards ol’ VA Tech. It made me thankful for a good group of friends. I wonder if any of you are reading this. I guess the world will never know… I guess that means I can’t talk bad about you here, doesn’t it? There went one good fun topic of conversation…

Welp. All for now. Have a glorious day. And come write a paper about FDR for me.

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