Every Day Bible


This new tag began to trend on social media last Sunday. As thousands of churches across the country elected not to meet in person to limit the spread of the Coronavirus, Christians all over began to find alternative ways of meeting.

Some Christians met by having their own time of worship.

Families studied, prayed, and communed together.

Some churches took to the radio and even to television.

Thousands, like Burns, took our services online.

As of 10am on Thursday, our morning worship service showed up more than 2,600 times on people’s phones, computers, and tablets.  The video was viewed in part 1,514 times. I know that most of those views were just for a few seconds as people scrolled on down to the next thing on their feeds, but well over 100 “connections” watched from beginning to end. Remember that many of these connections represented families or friends worshipping together. I suspect that even though our auditorium was empty, last Sunday may have been our highest-attended service in history! Several even participated in worship services from churches all over the country.

I can’t wait to get back together to hug and high five and fist bump and be in the same room, but I love that even when we can’t assemble in person, we still assemble. It’s a reminder of the deeper truth that the assembly of Christians is always bigger than our assembly. I’m privileged to be part of that assembly!