Book Reviews

Book Review: Why Church Matters: Discovering Your Place in the Family of God by Joshua Harris

It’s no secret that the church doesn’t enjoy the position of societal respect she once did. Joshua Harris argues that despite the constant comments of critics, the church matters. She has not been perfect—but she has never stopped being the bride of Christ, and that is reason enough to pay attention to the church.

Harris regularly quotes John Stott, John Piper, and many modern reformed authors to try to paint a picture of the church’s real beauty for today.

As a minister, I see the book as strong in calling us to be what the church is supposed to be. Instead of giving up or griping, let’s grow into the image of God. Let’s be what God has planned for us to be.

This book would have a good place in the young adult curriculum of a church to help present a case for the value of the church. A key weakness is that it probably won’t (and can’t) be heard by those who are alienated from the church by the church’s failings. It is a book written for insiders—but maybe it can help the insiders from becoming outsiders.

Overall – I think the book is worth your time. (PS: I did get a  free reviewer copy…)