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Review: Outlive Your Life by Max Lucado

When I received this book, I looked at the cover and expected it to be nothing more than a feel-good “Jesus likes you, so be happy!” type book. I was wrong.

Lucado doesn’t write this to be a feel-good piece. Instead, it’s designed to confront the apathetic Christian with the blessings and responsibility he has. He points out that there are more than twice as many people who claim to be Christians in the United States as there are orphans in the world. Doesn’t it seem like we should be able to make more progress in helping the hurting in the world if that’s the case?

The book is compelling and well-written. Better than any other Lucado book I’ve read, he balances grace and the drive it creates in us to act. He emphasizes doctrine and life—two things that should never be divorced in the life of Christianity.

He tells a few stories of how Christianity is “done right” and really helps to inspire and encourage his readers to not settle for pew warming and 2-hour-per-week Christianity. God wants you to do something that will outlast you. Overall, this book is well written and would make a great study piece for a class or discussion group.

(I received a complimentary copy of this book from BookSneeze, but it doesn’t affect my review, I promise!)