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Review: The Heavens Proclaim His Glory

One word review: beautiful.

That’s really all there is to it. This book is 176 pages of full-color beauty. Each page is filled with images from the deepest regions of space. You see the planets like you’ve never seen them before. You see representations of stars being born, decaying, and erupting into supernovae. Visually you will be impressed. The photos and the print quality are stellar (pun intended).

The images are paired with quotations, song lyrics, and passages of scripture designed to foster a sense of worship, humility, and awe. The universe is big; her creator, bigger. There is a sense of security in that thought depicted.

This is a great gift book for someone who needs some encouragement. It would be a great addition to a coffee table as a daily reminder of the scale of the universe. I have seen Hubble images before, but never a collection this stunning. I encourage you to spend some time enjoying this book!

(I received a complementary copy from BookSneeze, but they don’t care if I burn the books–I can write whatever  I want…)