Christian Disciplines

Christian Disciplines (Session 1)

Last Wednesday night at Burns, we’ve started a class on “Christian Disciplines: Tools for Transformation.” This is a class I’m really looking forward to–I see a real need in the church here, and I see real potential.

The class has quite a bit of discussion, but there are several who are not able to join us, so I want to give you a jumping off point so you’ll know what we talked about. We’ve got a Journal that we handed out to help you keep your notes in one place. You can print it out and fold it in half to use as a note-guide.

Our first session was “Introduction to Transformation and Spiritual Disciplines.” I showed a little video clip called “Cardboard Testimonies” and I commend it to you as an exercise to open your eyes to the possibility of transformation. The homework for the first week is this: find someone whose faith you admire, and talk to them for a few minutes and just ask what they do to help nurture and grow their faith. Pick their brain a bit, and come back next time ready to discuss.