Christian Disciplines

Christian Disciplines: Devotionals and Fasting

Enjoy our last two weeks of discussion from our Christian Disciplines Class.

First, Home Devotionals. God is interested not in our spiritual lives, per se, but in our lives—the whole stinkin’ thing! We discussed this concept in our lesson on home devotionals. How can we season our entire lives with his presence? How can we recognize that our jobs, our retirement, our schooling, and our vacations belong to him? To drive home the point, we discussed developing a “theology of sleep.” Our lives, our existence should be wholly redeemed!

For comic relief (while our toes heal) listen to this “Phone call with God.”

For the class discussion on home devotionals (listen for the tips at the end) listen to the summary here.

Regarding fasting: it’s a hot-button topic (even though we’re silent about it most of the time.) The old adage is that “it’s regulated, but not commanded” is worth discussing, but isn’t that helpful. After all, who would regulate something you don’t expect to happen? The number of commanded OT fast days may surprise you. I hope this lesson stirs your thoughts and gives you one more tool in your spiritual disciplines tool-chest. Listen to the summary of Christian fasting here.