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The Complexity of the Law Revisited

Again, for comparison: let’s not say the difficulty of the law is in its complexity.

Law of Moses:

Number of pages: < 50

Now follow these links and see which is more complex.

United States Legal Code provided by Cornell University

Tennessee Constitution, Bills, Public Acts, and the famous Tennessee Code Annotated from

(By the way, in Article IX Sections 1-3, it lists disqualification for serving in the state Legislature: Those disqualifications for your reading pleasure:)

Section 1. Whereas ministers of the Gospel are by their profession, dedicated to God and the care of souls, and ought not to be diverted from the great duties of their functions; therefore, no minister of the Gospel, or priest of any denomination whatever, shall be eligible to a seat in either House of the Legislature.

Section 2. No person who denies the being of God, or a future state of rewards and punishments, shall hold any office in the civil department of this state.

Section 3. Any person who shall, after the adoption of this Constitution, fight a duel, or knowingly be the bearer of a challenge to fight a duel, or send or accept a challenge for that purpose, or be an aider or abettor in fighting a duel, shall be deprived of the right to hold any office of honor or profit in this state, and shall be punished otherwise, in such manner as the Legislature may prescribe.

So much for Hinkle-Hiatt in 2008….