Every Day Bible

Power of a Prayerful Mission

It’s easy to be flippant about prayer. After all, to unbelievers, we’re just rambling to the walls. Even at our best, we can’t physically see the one in whom we are confiding. Abraham’s servant who was sent to find Isaac’s wife must have realized something of the power of prayer.

When Abraham charged him on his journey — he did it by invoking God’s name.
When he met the girl — he invoked God’s name.
When she turned out to be the right one — you got it…
When she invited him in to her family’s home — he bowed and worshipped.
He greeted others as one who was “blessed by God.”
He gives credit for his success because it happened “as the Lord has directed.”
He told Rebekah’s family that “God led me on the right road.” (Genesis 24:47-48)

You never know what will happen — when you just ask.