Every Day Bible

Leadership, Fear, and Jealousy

It’s funny how nobody wanted Moses’ job when he went into Pharaoh’s house saying “Let my people go!” Once they sort of had things rolling though, Korah and his folks had another idea.

It’s also funny (but not funny ha-ha!) how the spies surveyed the land of Canaan. They took a pretty long trip, if you check out a Bible map, to see the most amazing land ever — grapes so big they’re carried across a pole between two men, and the like. After having mysterious food appear from heaven, having a sea part in front of them, and water come from rocks…they still say it can’t be done.

I’m noticing a theme in the Pentateuch: God’s not impressed when you say it can’t be done.

When Caleb and Joshua said that the land was as good as theirs, the rest of the camp was voting on a new leader to return the children of Israel to Egypt with their tails between their legs. (They seem to always think the grass was greener back there. Have they forgotten about the slavery?) Caleb and Joshua see the greater truth: “Their protection is gone, but the Lord is with us. Do not be afraid of them.” (Numbers 14:10).

In response to this great spiritual pep talk, the camp (the whole assembly (!)) talked about stoning them.

If I ever open a Bible theme park….I’m naming the scariest roller coaster “The Faith of the Children of Israel.”