Week 34: Ezekiel Begins

If you want a good working definition of strange, Ezekiel gives you one.

First, an artist’s rendering of Ezekiel’s vision from Ezekiel 1. Pretty good, if you ask me…

Second, this week’s PowerPoint introduction to Ezekiel.

Finally, thanks to the VERY good people at Crossway, the introduction to the new, upcoming ESV Study Bible that you should preorder now, while still discounted. ESV Study Bible Intro to Ezekiel. 

(FYI, it also includes an interview with the scholar who wrote this amazingly difficult commentary. His study method is mind-boggling. He has a sheet that has three columns: the Hebrew text, the Septuagint (greek), and the ESV…and he bases his comments off those texts. Enjoy!)

Bible Bowl Quiz 1

This is the first online Bible Bowl Quiz for Crieve Hall for Sycamore Bible Bowl 2008! You’ll need a SWF player (already in most browsers) to continue. Each test is timed–you have twenty minutes to answer ten questions. The questions come from the New King James Version of the Bible.

Please enter your name (first name and last initial, at least) at the beginning of the test. We promise it’s not going to anyone but us… When you’re done with the test, keep clicking the right arrow button until it brings you back to this page. You’ll have a chance to look over the questions that you missed.

Good luck — and remember, this is CLOSED Bible! :)

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