New Zealand


Good morning! It is 11:10 am on Saturday, June 4 here in NZ. I think that means it is 6:10 pm Friday night for y’all back in the States.

Yesterday was a very good day. We spent most all of the very cold day outside letterboxing. I think our grand total of literature distributed is already close to 7,000. Yesterday, as we worked, we got caught in two or three hail storms with hail stones just over pea size. Those things stung pretty badly in a nice, driving wind. It is amazing that it will hail hard enough to turn the ground pretty close to white for about 5 minutes…then just quit and be beautiful and sunny, with a sky full of rainbows. I saw probably 3 different rainbows across yesterday, one that was complete and even had a rainbow “shadow” next to it. Gorgeous!

Today is our “day off.” We’re using it to catch up a little on sleep, as we’re told this is when jet lag is supposed to kick in. We’re getting ready to teach the kid’s classes tomorrow. Paavo and I have the 6-10 year olds. That will be interesting…. I get to preach on Sunday, June 19…so I’m very excited about that.

All in all, we’re having a great time. No injuries or major problems thus far. Today we get to take in some sights and have a great time. Maybe even eat some more kiwis (the fruit, not the bird or the people….)

Have a great day!