New Zealand

Queen’s Birthday

Good morning, America! It’s 11:10 PM here in NZ on Monday evening. Today was a national holiday, the observance of Queen’s Birthday. So, by some miracle, we had another day off. It makes me feel like a slacker!

Sunday we had our worship services. Chris did a great job preaching. Paavo and I survived teaching 6-10 yeard olds. The fellowship meal had all sorts of interesting and good food. We played 9ish holes of golf in the afternoon and then had a men’s meeting in the evening.

On Monday morning, we went ocean kayaking in the winter. I think we must all be getting dumber–but it was a lot of fun. The water wasn’t that cold… it was great! After that, we went to a free zoo and park and enjoyed some good hiking, while Paavo performed some acrobatics for us. Back to Rod’s house for a pick-up game of touch Rugby, supper, and then fireworks downtown for the day.

Tomorrow will be chock full of letterboxing and doorknocking–as will the rest of the week, even on the way to the youth camp on Friday. It’ll be great. Talk to you later!