Home, Again

Well, it is good to be home again. I got back last night from southern Louisiana, working in a town called Montegut and sleeping in Houma. It was a pretty good VBS campaign. I had a good time and think we did pretty good work. The trip was a bit weird for me, coming off the three weeks in New Zealand. I was in a different position thatn I was used to, teaching an adult class, but really it was good. Attendance saw a steady increase every night [from 90 to 134] and there was a baptism on Wednesday. No complaints there! So remember Alicia (sp?).

Now that I’m back at home for a while, life gets to sort of settle down. I get to teach the YAC class in the morning, and the youth singing is this Thursday night. I keep forgetting that Monday is the 4th, too. I suppose something fun should happen.

Take it easy!