New Zealand

End of the Week

Thursday and Friday were two more days of doorknocking and letterboxing. On Thursday, Angie and I had our study with a lady named Robin. The study went well and there is a return appointment set up with her for the locals to take care of.

Friday was a bit slower of a day. The group I was with had no positive responses, basically. The best conversation that I had all day was with a Jehovah’s Witness who shared some great revelations with me, including, but not limited to:

on the day of Christ’s appearing, He will be invisible. I asked, “So you’re telling me that He won’t appear on the day of His appearing?”

I asked why she uses the JW New World Translation. She explained to me that the god of the present age infiltrated the other translations. So I asked why I shouldn’t believe the same thing happened to hers. She explained that God has (and this is a direct quote) special slaves whom He tells His word to that make sure their translation is accurate. Interesting, since the NWT has not been around for their entire history. Sometime, read what they’ve done with John 8 and Christ’s claim of being “I am” over the years.

Our afternoon Bible study cancelled on us to finish off the day. So, we’re all glad that Saturday is here and we have a day to regroup before going out for our last two days of doorknocking. We’ve put out nearly 20,000 free book offers and 4,000 Gospel Minutes articles now, along with various other studies. Every day when we check the mail we have several of those book offers returned, so it has been neat to watch that work.

For the day off: dinner with our host family and maybe horseback riding or dam dropping.