G’day, Mate!

Hope everything is going well for yall. Just wanted to keep you updated on a few things.
Tonight: “Overcoming Criticism” for the CH teen class. Tomorrow night: “Obstacles and Hurdles in our Race” at the Lebanon Road camp at Valley View in Gallatin. Friday: intern devo, TBA. Saturday: Romans 12:1-2 in “Purer In Heart, Oh God” for the 6th Avenue Church of Christ Youth Rally in Jasper, Alabama. Sunday morning: “Wake Up” at Crieve Hall, a yet-to-be-determined YAC class topic of my choice, and a PM Invitation asking, “Do You Know My Jesus?”

Also in the near future: school! Yay! And the camp reunion TNT. The video is already lookin’ pretty stinkin’ funny, if I don’t say so myself. Also expect the email devotional list to be restarted in the next week or so. I’m excited!

Crieve Hall

Camp Time

Camp has started! Yay! I’m at home to go preach at Charlotte Avenue tonight…but I’ll return to the sweltering heat, oppresive humidity, and mutant man-eating moths soon enough. The theme is “American Idols” and you’re smart enough to figure out where that’s going.

Have a great week!


Southern Pride

Here’s why I’m proud to be part of the South: The Redneck Ole’ympic Games.



Home, Again

Well, it is good to be home again. I got back last night from southern Louisiana, working in a town called Montegut and sleeping in Houma. It was a pretty good VBS campaign. I had a good time and think we did pretty good work. The trip was a bit weird for me, coming off the three weeks in New Zealand. I was in a different position thatn I was used to, teaching an adult class, but really it was good. Attendance saw a steady increase every night [from 90 to 134] and there was a baptism on Wednesday. No complaints there! So remember Alicia (sp?).

Now that I’m back at home for a while, life gets to sort of settle down. I get to teach the YAC class in the morning, and the youth singing is this Thursday night. I keep forgetting that Monday is the 4th, too. I suppose something fun should happen.

Take it easy!