A Nice Robber

Man, we need more people like this out there. A robber who breaks in, feels guilty, and returns everything. He even fixed the door he broke! Awww!

Thanks to everyone who came out to Roby for the Gospel Meeting. It meant a lot to me and everyone there.


You need to know about this website, dear reader. allows you to remotely connect to your computer in situations where programs like VNC or XP’s built-in Remote Desktop Connection won’t work. It’s been a life saver out here. Go download it.

Gospel Meeting is this week. Tonight: Ed Owens: Restoring Purpose–God is our King
Tomorrow night: Me. Restoring Life: God is Love

Directions to Roby:
From Freed. Take hiway 100 east towards Nashville. Pass hiway 22a at Jack’s creek. About halfway between 22a and 22 is Roby Roby road on your right. It’s at the top of a hill and there’s a sign that says Roby Fire Department. Take that right and go about 5.5 miles. You’ll pass a fire station on your right. Just past the cemetary on your left is the church building. The trip should take somewhere around 20-25 minutes. Watch for deer!


The Betta Fish Unveiling

We here at have a great announcement for you.

Despite Jimmy’s suggestion, the fish will be named John Paul II. Thanks for stopping by!


Update on Life

A few things you might be interested to know:

  • The picture Jimmy took of me returning his…special drinks…to the shelf managed to appear in the PowerPoint in a Bible class. Impressive!
  • The Roby campaign work is still going very well. The Gospel Meeting started today and has been wonderful so far. If you’re anywhere near West Tennessee, you should come visit. It’s at 7 pm through Wednesday night.
  • I reached new levels of geekdom when I competed in a programming contest on Saturday–and enjoyed it.
  • This weekend is XBX Banquet and CH Retreat. See y’all there!
  • I bought a betta fish today. I’ll explain why later. But he needs a name. Any ideas?
  • The weeklyish e-mail devotional list is being resurrected, soon, I hope. Any ideas? Drop them in the comments. Hopefully within a week or two, I’ll have a sign up box over on the right.
  • That’s all for now. Have a great day.


The World is a Dangerous Place

I guess you’re not safe anywhere anymore…


Roby Campaign Update

Saturday was a great day for the campaign. The weather was absolutely perfect, and everyone came ready and excited for the work. We had almost 150 fliers ready to hand out. We covered all of our planned territory and even more before we ran out. People as a whole were very friendly and warm to us. None of the animals seemed to wish us harm, either!

The bonfire also was wonderful. Our crew showed up in force and we had a great time cooking hot dogs and marshmallows. The message from Brother Brown was excellent as was the singing. Thanks for your prayers and concerns.

This week: Open Bible Study nights. Tuesday-Thursday 7:00-8:30 PM.

Crieve Hall

Let Me Be a Servant

Just in case you were wondering, today is door knocking day at Roby and “Let Me Be a Servant Day” at Crieve Hall. If you’ve got a minute, you should listen to the lectures at Crieve. They should be good!


Want to know how to write a good paper?

Evidently, this little secret doesn’t just work at Freed! MIT, too!


Young People and Religion

This AP Survey was very interesting to me. A good sign? Perhaps. A good opportunity? Definitely.

Check out the accompanying graphic. Note especially the numbers about conflict between science and religion.

Roby campaign update: Tonight- paint the baptistry. Hopefully we won’t be killed by noxious fumes. Saturday: door knocking time!!

Humor has now made NBC Nightly News. What a brilliant idea! Ahh, capitalism at its finest.