I have enough funding pledged to go to New Zealand! Thank you everyone for your generosity and prayers and stuff… The trip is May 30th-June 22nd. I’ll be sure to keep you updated…if and only if you read this wonderful, not-so-interseting site!

Controlled Access Roads

So. Let’s say you’re trying to get from somewhere near Antioch to somewhere near Franklin/the middle of nowhere. Let’s also assume for a moment that you decide to take 24 east to 840. Having made that assumption, let’s continue on to say that you thought that exit 65 was south of 840 on I-65. Let’s just assume, for the sake of your entertainment, that it wasn’t. Then…perhaps we could find out that the next exit is not for 9ish miles. And maybe that exit is also a controlled highway, that does not have an exit for another 3 miles. So I drove approximately 24 miles I didn’t have to. Hypothetically.

It took a very stinking long time to get to Kevin’s house last night! I suppose I could make some cheesy point about appreciating opportunities to change direction in life…but I’ll let you do that. Have a good one.