Week 43: Beginning of the New Testament

This week’s study introduces the New Testament, the apocrypha (deuterocanonical writings) and the inter-testamental period.

When Jesus arrives — it’s a big deal!

This week’s files are zipped to include several links for further study as well as the powerpoint introduction to the new testament and a handout offering some possibilities for understanding the genealogies in Matthew and Luke.


Week 42: The end of an era

This is our final week of Old Testament studies. I hope you’ve found this to be as encouraging and enlightening as I have! We crack open the door to information about the intertestamental period this week, and look at the last words of the prophets.

(Aside: Does anyone else get really annoyed that Microsoft Word’s built-in spelling dictionary doesn’t have the books of the Bible? Would that be so hard???)

Week 42 PowerPoint Presentation

Week 41: Esther and Malachi

This week’s material covered Esther and Malachi. Esther is (in)famous for it’s avoidance of the Divine name and references to luck (lots). It’s no surprise that aporcyphal writings include a little extra material to “sanitize” the book!

Malachi is one of the great questioners of all time–and his retelling of God’s questions for man and man’s questions for God serves as an excellent spiritual check-up list for any of us.

Here’s this week’s PowerPoint.