Merry Christmas Eve!

What more needs to be said?

Religious Soapbox

Dirty Laundry?

I hate to air it, but sometimes you still just have to say something about it. I was at a congregation a few months ago. After the morning services, we had a fellowship meal. During that meal, we celebrated the birthday of one of the members. I happened to have my digital camera on me, so we took a picture of this dear lady and her husband. After I shot the image, she inspected the picture and suggested that I must have a particularly good camera to take “such a good picture of her.” I replied, “It’s not the camera, ma’am, I had good material to work with!”

Her response: “Why thank you! That was a very political answer. You’ll make a fine preacher someday!”

I didn’t exactly know how to respond to her comment. I believe she meant it as a sincere compliment. I wasn’t aware that passing the credit for a good photograph from the instrument to the candidate was a political process, and I really wasn’t aware that politics make or break preachers.

Now, this is not intended to bash preaching, religion, etc. etc. These same problems exist in all arenas of life. Shucks, I’m not even going to complain about this attitude. (The lady’s husband is a preacher, by the way). My question, and the only reason I’m posting this, is what will I do to fix this problem?

New Zealand

Leave a Country for a little while..

…and look what happens.

Now whichever anti-Christian group uses this as ammunition on the war on Christmas

…at least communist China and other athiestic countries still like Christmas…

…but at least America isn’t guilty of this explicit abuse of Christmas!


St. Jude’s Half Marathon

Life lesson: if you decide in the summer to run a half marathon in December, run during the summer and during the fall and beginning of the winter. A couple of Saturdays ago…on the third, I think…a bunch of us from Freed went down to Memphis for the half marathon. We did it as part of the fundraiser for St. Jude’s children’s research hospital.

It was a really neat experience. There were a lot of people who worked really hard for the kids and raised a lot of money…and all that good stuff. It was amazing to go and run for nearly 3 solid hours (and yes, I know that’s terribly slow). It made me think of the days before cars. When we were driving in, I noticed just how far 13.1 miles was. That takes a little bit of time in the car…and I was about to do it on foot!?!

Anyway…these might be entertaining for you. The results by age division (ha! I beat 6 people!) and overall.

Ane they also had race photographers (let’s just say they didn’t need a very fast shutter speed to keep my pictures from blurring…) who put the pictures on the internet.

It was fun. I think I’ll do it again next year. And maybe I won’t be sore for quite so long…