Every Day Bible

Quitting Time

Will you quit comparing your life to others and envying what they have?

Will you quit being surprised that an unbelieving world acts without the moral compass that comes with faith in a wise God?

Will you quit taking criticism from people who you wouldn’t ask advice from?

Will you quit your job as “corrector of the errant” on social media? No matter how right you are, “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still!”

Will you quit feeling entitled to anything and instead realize that everything we have is a gift from a generous God?

Will you quit talking about people. If you want to talk about them, talk to God about them.

Will you quit focusing on the negative? If you always think the sky is falling, you might be right one day. But you’ll ruin a lot of otherwise good days.

Will you quit wasting your life on reruns when there is a world outside your phone?

Will you quit passing the buck and not taking responsibility for your life?

Will you quit polluting your heart with news and voices that fill you with dread and fear rather than faith and hope?

Will you quit whatever that thing is that you totally can quit, but you just haven’t yet, and you’ll probably quit in a couple of weeks when you’re ready, this time, for a change?

Everyone needs to quit something. What do you need to quit?