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What the World Needs Now (Part 1 of 4)

If you went to a theater to watch a movie, and its plot-line played out like the year 2020 has so far, you’d probably rate it a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes because it is unrealistic!

Wildfires. Viruses. Recessions. Racial Tensions. Police Corruption. Toilet paper shortages. MURDER HORNETS.

You just can’t make this stuff up!

I get frustrated because there are so many problems, and I feel so powerless to do anything about them.

During this 4-week study, we’ll look at 4 simple things that we can do. We might not be able to fix it. But we can do better.

Invite a friend, clear out an hour in your schedule, and work on brightening the corner where you are!

Part 1: The World Needs Love

         Love never gives up.

                 Love cares more for others than for self.

                 Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t have.

                 Love doesn’t strut,

                 Doesn’t have a swelled head,

                 Doesn’t force itself on others,

                 Isn’t always “me first,”

                 Doesn’t fly off the handle,

                 Doesn’t keep score of the sins of others,

                 Doesn’t revel when others grovel,

                 Takes pleasure in the flowering of truth,

                 Puts up with anything,

                 Trusts God always,

                 Always looks for the best,

                 Never looks back,

                 But keeps going to the end.

                  Love never dies.

Four questions for your consideration:

  1. Which part of the “love definition” is the hardest for you?
  2. Which part of the “love definition” does our society miss the most?
  3. Which part of the “love definition” are you the best at?
  4. How, specifically, will you work to love better this week?