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My Favorite Sermons from Last Year (2019)

This post carries the risk of being weird or self-promotional, but I’m going to chance it anyway.

If you’ve been missing being together with your church, I’ve put together a list of my favorite sermons from last year. These are all over the place. Some are topics, some are texts….

I don’t know about other preachers, but there are some sermons that I really enjoyed.

(There is an implication here….there are some that seemed like a good idea, until about 15 minutes into the sermon!)

Sometimes you run into an idea that’s beautiful or powerful and you just love sharing it. Other days – it’s a struggle. And of course, your mileage may vary. Some of the sermons I love the most leave Leslie scratching her head wondering why I rambled about that for half an hour!

So, without further ado, here are my five favorite sermon babies from 2019.

(If the files don’t play right in the browser – click the 3 dots on the right side and hit “Download.”)

A Gratitude Perspective
The gratitude perspective is powerful. The disciples had a choice – will we respond in joy, or will we respond in fear? Fear is easier for most of us – but joy is better.

The Lefty
Ehud and Eglon’s story is weird. Really weird. Why does the Bible take the time to tell us the story of a lefty and an obese king? In this Sunday night class, we learn that no matter how your story begins, it might just end very differently.

God’s Great Reversal
God has a way of taking the things as ugly, shameful, and useless, and using them to create the unimaginable. The Easter story is the greatest example of God’s Great Reversals.

Blessed Assurance
Do you know that you are right with God, or do you just hope to be? If you want Blessed Assurance, there are a few things you need to know…

Just Do It!
With no apologies to Nike, sometimes the message we need the most is simple. Just do it. Do what’s right, right now.

Honorable Mentions

If, somehow, you haven’t wised up yet, I’ve included two sermon series from last year that I really enjoyed. Remember, I’m not responsible if you listen while operating heavy machinery and you doze off… Please don’t mix with Benadryl!

A Christmas Carol Series

Somehow I had never read A Christmas Carol before 2019. I used some ideas from Dickens to prep for Christmas this year. You’ll probably like this series better if you are really familiar with the story.

  1. Ghosts and Chains
  2. Warnings from Above
  3. The Making of a Scrooge
  4. A New Creature

The Ten Commandments

My theme for 2019 was “Love God – Love Neighbor.” Jesus said you could summarize the entire law and prophets with this simple direction, so we looked at the ten commandments through the lens of how they teach us to love God and neighbor.

Also, when we hear the ten commandments, we tend to find the ways that other people violate them. I tried to pay particular attention to the way that I would violate them. That seems way more helpful to me…

This year’s materials are available over at the church website and our youtube page.