Every Day Bible

Be Careful of Your Words: Fear Edition

Our words are often blunt instruments that damage when we need the healing power of precision scalpels.

I’ve heard some Christians speak negatively about “those people” who are “afraid” of the virus.

I have no doubt that some people are truly afraid. They feel the weight of anxiety and worry. Their spirit is troubled. The “what-ifs” and stresses consume their thoughts. This sort of fear is unhealthy and in tension with the peace promised by Jesus. It is problematic.

But there are plenty of others of us who have chosen to take protective measures that they deem wise and reasonable. They rest assured knowing Jesus, living with assurance. It isn’t right to label them as cowardly. They aren’t any more faithless or afraid than you are when you lock your door or fasten your seatbelt—they are living their faith by acting wisely.

Be careful that you don’t demean a brother by calling him fearful when he is trying to live faithfully.

Is it possible that he’s wrong? Sure. And it’s possible that you are, too. And it’s possible he knows something you don’t. And it’s possible he has reasons or motivations or experiences that you can’t see.

In the church, we give our family the benefit of the doubt. We bear all things, believe all things, hope all things, and endure all things. We use our words carefully.