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Personal Day of Prayer

national-day-of-prayerThursday was the National Day of Prayer. People from all sorts of backgrounds met together to pray for our nation and our communities.

Do you ever run out of things to pray for? Here are some things that might spur your prayer list:

  • For the government to rule justly and peaceably
  • For the safety of our police, paramedics, and fire fighters
  • For wisdom and patience for school teachers
  • For endurance for our missionaries overseas
  • For the farmers who grow our food
  • For single people to feel valued and loved in the Kingdom
  • For the health of the athletes who entertain us
  • For artists to use their gifts to glorify God
  • For those whose faith is weak to be strengthened
  • For boldness to speak the gospel in a world that has forgotten it
  • For the media to report truth accurately
  • For those who are grieving to find comfort
  • For the billions enslaved by the false promises of materialism
  • For our military men and women who serve on our behalf
  • For those who are researching cures for diseases to have success
  • For preachers of the gospel to study truth and communicate well
  • For the sick to find health and peace
  • For eyes to see the sins hiding in our own hearts
  • For parents to raise their children in the love of Jesus and not give up during those sleepless nights
  • For doctors and nurses to serve compassionately and wisely
  • For teens to make good decisions in a world without a moral compass
  • For our enemies to repent and find a better way
  • For those stuck in cycles of poverty to find a way out
  • For opportunities to share Jesus with people who are searching for him
  • For married people to have relationships that reflect the love of Jesus
  • For authors to write useful and beautiful books to inspire us
  • For the wicked to repent or that God will stop their harm
  • For children who are orphaned or neglected
  • For elders to shepherd the church wisely
  • To praise and thank and glorify the God who allows us to make such bold requests of him
  • For a better ability to pray, for the wisdom to ask the right things, and for the will of God to be done.

You could easily expand this list. Why not make your own, personal, day of prayer and spend some time in it?