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Five Ways to Help the Burns Church

1.10.BestWayHelpChurch_458597731Sometimes when people hear about some of the good things going on at Burns, they ask, “How can I help?” There probably are a million ways—but here are five that almost anyone can do.

ONE: Show up. It sounds simple—because it is—but simply being here when we meet helps more than you know. You matter. Your voice improves the singing. Your question improves a Bible class. Your hug improves our hospitality. Your presence adds energy to the room.

TWO: Refuse gossip. I know that none of you reading this would ever repeat gossip, but there’s more you can do to stop it. If someone starts to tell you something that you don’t really need to know about, politely stop the conversation. If you refuse to listen, it will help stop the damaging effects of gossip in the church.

THREE: Gossip! Not in the bad way. Tell a friend what’s happening here. Did you know that 82% of unchurched people say they are at least somewhat likely to attend worship if invited? Stats from 2010 say that over half of Dickson county is religiously “unaffiliated.” The number is higher if you count those who are inactive at their church. Invite a friend to an activity, class, or worship at church. They’re more likely to come than you’d expect.

FOUR: Give. Your consistent giving makes the work of the church possible. Consider using your bank’s free automatic payment feature to automate your giving if you’re forgetful. Giving blesses the giver and the recipient.

FIVE: Prioritize. I’ve never met a person who has as much time or money as they’d like. You demonstrate your priorities by how you allocate those precious resources. If you prioritize the kingdom of God (in the words of Jesus, “seek first the kingdom”), you will help other people see that God’s family is more than a nice add-on to your life; it is where we found life.