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Book Review: Graceful Uprising by Jonthan Jones

gracefuluprisingSome time ago, I heard a sermon called “Grace: Don’t Tell Me What It Isn’t.” Jonathan Jones took that advice when he wrote his walk-through Romans: “A Graceful Uprising.”

Jones’ book walks us through the powerful epistle to the Romans, one section at a time. He hasn’t written a verse-by-verse technical commentary. Instead, he helps us work through the chapters and major sections with an eye towards application. Many of us have trouble understanding how we fit in the world of the Jews and the Gentiles. Jones excels at finding appropriate applications for the modern church.

He is balanced and biblical, with an eye towards helping us appreciate the beautiful fullness of grace. He fights our temptation to pigeonhole it, abuse it, or neglect it. He wants us, through the book of Romans, to “taste and see that the Lord is good!” (Psalm 34:8). The book demonstrates powerfully what grace will do in our lives and congregations—if we’ll just get out of its way.

The book would make a great guide for a small-group walkthrough of the book of Romans or for personal reading. I enjoyed it—and think you will, too!

The book is available from Amazon or Start2Finish books.

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