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An Encouraging Stat

It seems like society is full of gloom and doom predictions for Christianity, and sometimes those predictions can get us down. Doug Couch has a sign in his office that I really like that stands against that trend. It tells the truth about a philosopher who proclaimed the death of God. Here’s a picture:


The news is usually better than we think it is. How do you think Bible reading stacks up against the Super Bowl? Most people know that the Super Bowl is the most watched television event in the country. Last year, nearly one third of Americans watched the big game.

Do you know how many people read their Bibles at least once a week? According to a recent Barna study, 37% of Americans indicate that they read their Bibles once every week or more. While a third of our country watches the big game one time a year—even more people open up the big book every week.

I don’t know about you, but I find that encouraging. There are people who want to do right. People are listening to God’s word. Whether or not you watch the game tonight, don’t forget that more people are tuning in to God.

(H/T to Faithlife Blog)