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Tool to Compare Two Countries

I just stumbled on a neat tool for doing something that I want to do fairly often at church.

Want to help people understand the size of the Bible lands? Want to help make a history lesson make a little bit more sense? Once you get past about 100 miles, I lose sense of scale and it gets tough for me. lets you overlay one country/province/region over another to show the size comparison. Here’s Tennessee and modern Israel:

Tennessee and Israel
(Click to enlarge)

One more tool that’s more useful for modern studies or keeping up with your missionaries. will compare any two nations. It will show a land-mass overlay, compare income, life expectancy, environmental data, and more. Pretty neat tool.

Disappointed in the Olympic results? Try seeing how you’d like living in Russia. Here are some of the “highlights.”

If I lived in Russia, I would…

  • Be 83% more likely to have AIDS
  • Have a 68% higher chance of dy ing in infancy
  • Make 67% less money
  • Spend 90% less on  health care

There is good news though — I’d have 4.3% higher chance at having a job!

Comment and let me know how you’ve used these sites, or any others you’ve found.

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