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Our Halloween Masks

I like Halloween. It’s always fun to see what costumes you come up with at Keith and Donna’s house. I wasn’t here for the year that there were two Glenn and Connie Buffingtons, but I do remember seeing lots of ghosts, cowboys, super heroes, and more.

12HalloweenMasks1Nov09At Halloween, we put on masks and pretend to be other people (or other creatures). I think it makes a pretty good reminder that people around us are wearing masks all year round.

Most people don’t live their lives in “Superman” masks—but sometimes they wear an invisible mask that tries to hide pain and sadness that hasn’t been dealt with. They pretend that an insult didn’t hurt or that they didn’t mind being overlooked. They’re always “fine” in words, but never in reality.

Very few people walk around at work in masks that have other people’s faces on it, but many people do have invisible masks where they try to project a different image of who they really are. We try to look richer than we are or younger than we are. We spend money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like. It’s a game we can’t win!

Sometimes we even have a “church mask” that we wear. We pretend to be perfect, pious, and put-together, and hope that nobody notices that it’s only hanging on by a string.

Masks at Halloween are fun, because we’re all in on the joke. We can play pretend and have a good time, but the masks we wear every day in our lives aren’t healthy because most people don’t see what’s really going on, and sometimes we haven’t dealt with reality ourselves. When we pretend to be something else, we deny ourselves the help that we so desperately need. Let’s make sure we don’t wear our masks anytime besides Halloween this year!