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Christian Resolutions

CandHresolutionsThe most common New Year’s Resolutions in America are to lose weight, volunteer, quit smoking, pursue education, get a better job, save money, get in shape, eat better, and manage money better. Those goals are really good ones that can improve our lives and make us more useful for Kingdom work. After all, better health frees us to serve others more freely and honors God who indwells our bodies. Better money management makes us better stewards and more able to help others.

I wonder how many people make resolutions with the specific aim of growing in faith? If you haven’t decided what you want to work on in 2015, can I offer a few possibilities?

  • Read the Bible daily. (Maybe read the entire Bible, or the New Testament?)
  • Pray more frequently and fervently. Keep a prayer list or prayer journal.
  • Take steps towards reconciliation in a broken relationship
  • Be more consistent in worship attendance
  • Share the gospel in a little way each week
  • Identify a weak spot in your discipleship, make a plan to address it, and be accountable to someone in your progress
  • Look for something that you have never done, that you’ve put off, that you need to. (Baptism? An apology?)
  • Step out of your comfort zone
  • Begin attending Sunday School or Wednesday Bible Study
  • Read (or listen to) a Christian book
  • Balance your life by honoring the Sabbath principle
  • Begin using one of your talents or interests for God in a new way

Resolutions can be a great tool. Will you use yours for the highest good?

(If you’re interested in a stunning example of this, check out Jonathan Edwards’ Resolutions.)