Every Day Bible

Are you reading this?

National Public Radio pulled a great April Fool’s Day prank. They posted this story on their website on the morning of April 1:


There was nothing more. No story, no interview, no experts. Rather than posting a story, they just left a message that basically says, “We don’t think most people read before they comment. Don’t leave any comments on this story.”

Literally thousands of people commented on the story. Some of them bragged about how much they read. Others blamed the poor quality of modern literature. Some people blamed the education system. Others blamed politicians. Still others said it was because of the advent of technology. The vast majority were clueless about how they proved their own point.

It made me think about what James said, “Let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger.” Maybe we should tack an additional warning: “and slow to share our opinions.”