Every Day Bible

Laughing at Dreamers

Most people have a love-hate relationship with dreamers. We’re “fair weather” dreamer fans! We laugh at people with vision, always with their heads up in the clouds. We laugh and tell them to call us when they wake up and see reality again.

You’ve probably heard these: There is no reason why anyone would want a computer in the home. (President of Digital Equipment Corp. 1977) I think there is a world market for maybe five computers. (Thomas Watson, President of IBM 1943). There are others — like people explaining that air travel would never catch on, cars were a novelty, indoor plumbing was a fad… Most people tend to be Missouri residents at heart: we live in the “show me state.” We don’t believe things until we can already see, touch, taste, use, and buy 12 of them online!

Abraham was told that he was going to have a son. He believed…and he didn’t. He believed…and he didn’t… Sarah even laughed! God wasn’t laughing, though. His biting answer was direct: “Is anything too hard for me?”

It would have been easy to laugh at a big boat and all the world’s animals. A favorite younger brother who had a flair for colorful coats wouldn’t have much of an audience for his claim that all would bow down to him. An engaged virgin’s claim that her pregnancy was the gift of the Holy Ghost wouldn’t escape Jay Leno’s monologue. That the world could be turned upside-down by twelve ordinary men seems unfathomabe…but these are the realities of God’s dreams in man.

Maybe I’ll think twice before I chuckle and say never again…