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WRKN Channel 2: Jamie Tucker

I hope you know about this. I was at the Winkler funeral…where media was not allowed inside. On their evening newscast, WKRN Channel 2 (the ABC affiliate in Nashville) led off with a story from Jamie Tucker. He began his report by explaining that media were not allowed in the funeral, but he went in anyway with a hidden wireless microphone to give channel 2 the scoop.

I don’t know about you…but I thought this was pretty terrible. Mr. Tucker was more interested in an exclusive than a grieving family. Channel 2 had the arrogance and audacity to air such a disrespectful segment. I hope you’ll send them an email (their website is and you can send email to a variety of accounts. I personally prefer their newsdesk ( because it gets in the way of them reading other “exclusive stories.” I hope Mr. Tucker loses his job for this, and I hope our pressure causes several advertisers to abandon WKRN like I plan on it.

Spread the word.

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Hi Happy,

You have my support I will e-mail them shortly and I will also post this on serveral church websites I belong to.

If that’s the case, he sure didn’t show it. Good Christians attempt repentance when they’re in error–and all he does is blow smoke about the issue. He led off in his news story with words to the effect “The Media was kept away from the funeral, BUT I WENT IN” … for a channel 2 exclusive. That wasn’t accidental, as he attempts to claim in his article.

Now, I do not agree with those people that say “he’d never be welcome in my church.” I’m also thankful for the Winklers reaching out in kindness to him. I just want to call attention to unethical actions. Had he had their blessing before going in, fine, but the point of the matter is that he did not. He was wrong, and he was not man enough to admit it. Shame on him.

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