Sunday Update

Lots has happened since the last time we got to post. Some good news, some not.

First, the good news. Friday, we spent all day in the Market having studies. We had promised everyone all week long that we would come back and spend all day there. We studied for about two hours, working through different questions with people, and were about to leave for lunch when two more men came up to us to study (Lennox and Aaron). Lennox left, and Boyson joined us. We asked what they wanted to study. Aaron just told us that he wanted to know “What must i do to be saved?” He went on to tell us that he grew up in the Roman Catholic Church and had never taken baptism from them, because he realized that some things they did (like praying to Mary) just weren’t right. He didn’t want to go with a group like that, so he just quit attending worship anywhere. We studied for a while and looked at several different passages until he told us that he wanted to be baptized. We asked when…and he said “I am very ready!” We had studied how it is a burial in Romans 6, and Boyson chimed in afterwards to say that he wanted to be baptized as well. We took a taxi to the lodge, found clothes to change into, and hiked up to the Central Church of Christ. The baptistery was empty–so we got a good hour or so to study with them while it filled! Bennett (one who was baptized exactly a week prior) came with us, and had prayers with them too. It was a really wonderful day!

Today, Aaron and Bennett came to church with us (along with Victoria, Melody, Jennifer, and Charity and others). After church, Bennett was very excited about the possibility of preaching one day. He’s going to work on a lesson in the next day or two and deliver it in the marketplace on Tuesday.

Tuesday, we will get to study with the youth group. Sanderson asked us to spend a day with them to help them since they are the next generation of the church. We are going to work on studying teaching and some things like that, we think!

After the Market on Friday, Bennett brought us to his house. We walked about 20 minutes to Marumba to meet his mother, grandmother, and brother. It was wonderful to sit down and study with them and see their humble home. It makes you grateful to have electricity at night–more than just a candle lighting your entire home, but the view of the stars without light pollution made it all worthwhile! It was wonderful.

On a sad note, things have not gone so well with the family that was so sick. On Tuesday, the mother and one of the youngest went to the hospital. The child is doing some better, but the mother took a serious turn and passed away on Wednesday. The burial was on Saturday. The church was saddened, of course, but knows that doors were opened by their kindness. The family couldn’t even provide for a coffin, so the church helped out in many ways. Social workers have seen the children and are making plans so that they will be taken care of.

Our last few days look liike they will be good ones.  Tomorrow has Bible studies from about 9:30-18:30. Tuesday will be more follow ups, and a couple of hours with the youth.

We can’t wait for reliable water and bug free bedding. We miss the group here–and the church here REALLY misses the group. Sanderson read the Thank You card that the group left at service today and the congregation was appreciative.

See you Friday!

Matthew & Leslie

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Matthew and lesley,

I have been following the FHU campaign where you are with great eagerness. I am so happy that you all have been having so much success.

The students are here in New Zealand now and I here that you both are now engaged to be married. CONGRADULATIONS!!!!

We have 2 studies and one restoration so far and the students have only done 2 days work. Please pray that we can have a 10th of the success that you have had there. After all, you know how hard the work is here.

I miss you both, Jason.

Hey guys I’m sorry I have responsed earlier but I was at bible camp, but anyways I want you to know that I am so thankful for both of you. You are truly amazing people and I have and will continue to pray for you and the churches efforts there. Keep up the great work. You are truly changing lives there. I look forward to the next update.
Jason Brazier

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