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Home Sweet Home

Home at last! We miss Zambia–and have already had a wonderful time looking at pictures and seeing our families again. Both of our parents met us at the airport…we’ve enjoyed spicy mexican food again….and taken American Showers! I hope to put up a mission report and upload my pictures in a few days. I’ve heard that Gavin has already made a lot of work on the DVD–and I can’t wait to see it. Thanks for your prayers, and thanks to God for a safe arrival back.

We’re really looking forward to hearing from our friends in Zambia. We went to the Market one last time on Thursday morning. Aaron announced that he had some good news for us, right before we left. He wanted to tell us that he had told the good news to his sister, a roman catholic, and that she was considering being baptized, but she wanted a day to make up her mind. He was excited because she might want to be baptized that night as soon as he knocked off at the market. Her name is Denya, and he asked that we keep her in our prayers.

We studied some of the verses that explain how leadership works in the church–and how you don’t have to have any special position or title to baptize someone. He was really excited about the chance of getting to baptize his sister.

Bennett also chipped in with a question. He told us that he is really looking forward to studying with his old friends. He was worried, though, and asked us what he should do. He said that they knew that he used to smoke marijuana and drink–and how could he help them to change, too. We studied passages like Romans 6 and Colossians 2 and 3 so he could help them with repentance.

Things are great–I can’t wait to hear more updates!


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