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Hello from Zambia!!

From: “Leslie Tiensvold”
Subject: Hello from Zambia!!
Date: Fri, 19 May 2006 09:10:48 -0500

     Hello!! I wanted to let you all know we safely arrived in Zambia Monday morning. It has been an incredible experience so far. They are so much more receptive than in New Zealand or in the states. I think I have only been turned away from three or four homes. Every door we go to, they run and get benches or random objects for us to sit down. Then they simply say tell me why you are here and about the word. Some have no knowledge of Christ or how to get to heaven. It feels incredible to talk and teach about the salvation that we truly are blessed with. One woman was baptized yesterday before the Gospel meeting. Matthew’s group is working with a woman who is as the refer to her, “good soil with miracle grow mixed in!”.
     It is incredible and God has blessed our work so far. I am really learning every day.
     We saw Victoria falls the first day we were here. Loved it! Think Niagra times 5 or 10! Beautiful. If ever a way to begin a campiagn… with such wonders of His creation. Mom- you would love bartering!! You get to talk them down on their prices! It is fun!!! Overwhelming at times because they all take you and lead you to their stuff, working against each other for our time and money. But still fun!
     We have a ladies day tomorrow and the last day of the Gospel meeting as well. VBS is next week.
     Well, I wanted to say hello! I am at an internet cafe and I don’t know when the next time I may get the chance to come again. Matthew says hello and is at a Bible study right now so he could not say so himself, but rather sends a cheerful hello. His group is coming to the gospel meeting a little later.
     Well, I hope all is going well in the states!
I love you all!!