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Friday in Africa…..

From: Aarek Farmer
Subject: Friday in Africa…..
Date: Fri, 19 May 2006 06:35:39 -0700 (PDT)

Sorry I was unable to write to you yesterday.  It was a crazy day but it was amazing.  We started the Gospel meeting yesterday because they had double booked us for the town hall we were meeting in so yesterday was the first day for it.  We had tons of people there.  Gavin and Happy spoke after a Zambian Preacher…but before that was even more amazing.  The door knocking and bible studies here have been out of this world. People here are thirsting for the Word so much.  They invite you in and study for 30 minutes to an hour reguardless of the denomination they are from.  They are so open and receptive.  Boo, Tarah, and I studyied with a lady yesterday and she was baptized yesterday afternoon.  Many more are on the verge of Baptism.  We haven’t scheduled this many studies but our group just wants to keep on doing them.  There is a group out now studying this afternoon and another will take place tonight.  It is amazing.  Tomorrow the girls are going to an all womens retreat and I believe Leslie and Amanda will be speaking.  The guys will be door knocking again.  Tonight, Brazier and Boo are speaking.  Tomorrow Kevin and Tristan.  Sunday I will preach at Riverside and then we will see what God has in store for us next week.  Things are going amazing here.  The churches are united.  They work togethere.  There is no contention.  Can you imagine a place were every church works together without the petty disputes that we have in America?  Don’t get me wrong, America is amazing, but we have alot to learn from these people.  Today I studied with a ladiy with AIDS who thought she was being punished from God.  The study was great.  She had never even heard of Jesus or Baptism until today and she said she was pentacostal.  These people don’t have Bibles so that is very discouraging.  Continue to pray for us.

   For you parents, you will be happy to know that everyone is alive.  Kevin, Gavin, Braizer, Jessica and myself bungi jumped off the 2nd highest bungi in the world on the bridge between Zimbabwe and Zambia.  It was about 11 stories tall. Words dont’ describe it but we got it all on video.  That should be the last crazy thing we do while we are here unless we happen to come across elephant rides in the Zambezi.  Thank you for all your support.  We love you very much and will see you soon.

   In Him,