Update on Life

A few things you might be interested to know:

  • The picture Jimmy took of me returning his…special drinks…to the shelf managed to appear in the PowerPoint in a Bible class. Impressive!
  • The Roby campaign work is still going very well. The Gospel Meeting started today and has been wonderful so far. If you’re anywhere near West Tennessee, you should come visit. It’s at 7 pm through Wednesday night.
  • I reached new levels of geekdom when I competed in a programming contest on Saturday–and enjoyed it.
  • This weekend is XBX Banquet and CH Retreat. See y’all there!
  • I bought a betta fish today. I’ll explain why later. But he needs a name. Any ideas?
  • The weeklyish e-mail devotional list is being resurrected, soon, I hope. Any ideas? Drop them in the comments. Hopefully within a week or two, I’ll have a sign up box over on the right.
  • That’s all for now. Have a great day.

One reply on “Update on Life”

I’m glad you finally acknowledged the powerpoint on here. I have been waiting many many moons. Is the beta yours and leslie’s? If so you should name in Hapslie. On the devo thing, I think that would be awesome. Let me know when you get that up.

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