Summer Livin’

Summer is here. Wow. I miss Freed… and its people…. some more than others. But I won’t bore you with that. Home is very good. I started work at church on Monday and loved every second.

I guess the closest I can come to topping skydiving is to tell you I had my wisdom teeth cut out today. I must say that this experiment to test whether I prefer drugs or Jesus is leaning heavily towards the Jesus side… I suppose it isn’t really crazier than jumping out of an airplnae.

Which, by the way, was not caused, forced, ordered, etc etc etc by Leslie. So quit asking! It was lots of fun, and you need to do it. The skydiving, not the wisdom teeth, that is.

So you, dear reader, have a wonderful day.

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Was not caused by Leslie? So if you were not dating/had never met Leslie before in your life you still would have been skydiving? You know that’s not true.

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