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New Zealand Itenerary

Just so you know, I’m leaving for New Zealand on Monday. Thanks to Ben and Alison & Mick for putting me up [read: ‘putting up with’] before we get out of the country…and when we get back. Instead of e-mailing people who want to know how the trip is going while I’m gone, I’ll be posting updates to this page whenever possible. It’ll be quicker and easier that way. Thanks for your prayers and support and all that good stuff… It’s going to be great!

Here’s the itenerary:

  • America West Airlines 30 May Memphis Intl -> Phoenix [Sky Harbor Int] 2:20 P 3:43 PM (Local time). HP 6443 Economy. 3:23 Duration. Canadair regional jet 900.
  • America West Airlines 30 May Phoenix AZ -> Los Angeles CA 4:19 P 5:42 P HP32 1:23 Duration. Airbus Industrie A319
  • Air New Zealand 30 May Los Angeles -> Auckland, NZ 9:30 P 5:15A 01 June. NZ 1. 12:45 duration. Boeing 747-400
  • Air New Zealand 01 June Auckland -> Wellington 7:00 AM 8:00 AM NZ405 1:00 duration. Boeing 737-30
  • Return– Air New Zealand 22 June Wellington -> Auckland 5:30P 6:30PM 1:00 Duratoin. NZ464 Boeing 737-300
  • Air New Zealand 22 June Auckland-> LA NZ6 7:45PM 12:40PM 11:55 duration. Boeing 747-400
  • America West 22 June LA->Phoenix 3:50PM 5:10PM HP30 1:20 Duration. Airbus Industrie A319
  • America West 22 June Phoenix->Memphis 6:00PM-10:57PM HP6398 2:57 Duration Canadair Regional Jet 900

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