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Home, at Last

A few hours later, we’re home. Our flights all went well until [surprise!] America West had problems coming from Phoenix to Memphis. Evidently, our plane was overweight and because of weather conditions or something like that, could not hold enough fuel to get us all the way from Phoenix to Memphis. So, a refueling stop in Kansas was added. When we landed in Kansas, something happened to the nose gear…and the plane needed repairs. And since the gates were all full of parked planes at nearly 11 pm, they gave us stairs…and we had to walk out onto the tarmac and into the terminal and wait for a half hour for repairs before arriving in Memphis a little after 1:15 this morning.

All things considered, the trip really did go well. We all made it back…no plane crashes or any nasty little tricks like that…and we get to sleep in our own beds. Now if somebody could just do something about the heat out here…

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