G’day, Mate!

Hope everything is going well for yall. Just wanted to keep you updated on a few things.
Tonight: “Overcoming Criticism” for the CH teen class. Tomorrow night: “Obstacles and Hurdles in our Race” at the Lebanon Road camp at Valley View in Gallatin. Friday: intern devo, TBA. Saturday: Romans 12:1-2 in “Purer In Heart, Oh God” for the 6th Avenue Church of Christ Youth Rally in Jasper, Alabama. Sunday morning: “Wake Up” at Crieve Hall, a yet-to-be-determined YAC class topic of my choice, and a PM Invitation asking, “Do You Know My Jesus?”

Also in the near future: school! Yay! And the camp reunion TNT. The video is already lookin’ pretty stinkin’ funny, if I don’t say so myself. Also expect the email devotional list to be restarted in the next week or so. I’m excited!

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Hey you did a great job Sun. morning. I’m glad you spoke you brought alott back to my memory and it’s helping alott. I think! Well I can’t but help noticing something different about you every time you get up to speak. But I never knew how much courage you had until now and how country your accent is at times. But yeah I just wanted to say Thanks, SAW

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